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I practice individual spiritual counseling since over 20 years

I offer Shamanic ritual work, consultations in groups and individual single counseling for all ages.

Since 2016 I work in the beautiful Mölltal in Austrias Carinthia.

On some evenings, there is an open circle where you can easily get to know my work in a small group.

find it out yourself, feel how my work does on you.


I regularly hold workshops on the following topics:

- Shamanic nature rituals

- Counseling

- Shamanic house cleaning - spiritual clearing

- Removal of unwanted energies

- Accompanying at birth and pregnancy

- Ritual ancestry

- shamanic activation of self healing

- Stress - less - active meditation

- Relax - passive meditation

- Ritual trance, drumming trips

- work methodes for the extension of sensory perception

- Accompanying mourning and dying


During the past few years I have been able to work in a number of countries and with different kind of people.

In a spiritually working group, a special dynamic develops, which we use to grow together to our strength. Recognize your strength and use it for the benefit of the community, change weaknesses and promote cohesion - the cordial co-operation. Listening to others with the heart and accepting them in love During regular meetings, we allow ourselves to take a step in personal development and spiritual understanding every time.


Individual counseling:

In a single session, I would be happy to advise you on a variety of personal health and mental problems. Since 1995 I am a German healing practioner. Through a very moving and rich life I know many situations from my own experience. Your worries and problems, especially the thresholds and border situations of life are my personal strengths. Let me inspire you and bring joy and wealth back to your everyday life. Arrange and live your life the way you have always deserved it. I accompany you on your way with love, experience and humor.


Fair costs:

Every spiritual work is carefully prepared and carried out by me.

This requires a lot of strength, experience, training and time.

Your personal and also financial appreciation helps me and yourself to manifest the joint work for you. An outside work / shamanic house cleaning etc. requires access costs, which I calculate with 40ct / km. Depending on the number of participants, the prices of a group coaching vary according to the number of hours, please ask for the actual costs via e - mail.


In case of significant financial problems, we find a individual solution.

I would beg you to ask for an individual personal consultation by phone / e - mail

 0043-(0)660- 8534428