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About me:

Susanne Krämer,

- born March 1968 in Germany, Güstrow, Mecklenburg

- Mother of 4 great sons

- since 1995 German Healing practioner and exam. Nurse

- Since 1993 study and training in different spiritual teaching traditions

(Travel to the Americas, Central and Eastern Europe etc ...)

- since June 2016 in Austria, Flattach in the Mölltal (Carinthia)

- married to the traveling shepherd Günther Kramer


My dear teacher, Nana Nauwald from North Germany, often said, "A person who works spiritually in a serious way is not recognized by his many, great certificates, his well-chosen words, or by his special clothing, but by his actual work in the world You have experienced, you do not have to believe anymore! "

I do not want to give you any long, scientific explanations about what spiritual work or shamanism means to me, that you can read in many sly books and websites. I'd rather tell you my own story here, so you can understand who I am and what I do:

Many years ago, when I was a little girl, I often heard, "There's no such thing as all this, you're spinning, you think all this out." Or "you dreamer" ..... At that time it hit me deeply, because I had the feeling that no one understands me. I often withdrew - alone into the vast nature of Mecklenburg - to be with me and that which I perceived as an infinite cosmos. Everything was living in my eyes, had feelings and a soul. Only then was I, except for my grandmother, the only human being, who was so perceptive. The grandmother was then the only holding in my world. With great love and patience, she told me stories and listened to what I had to report.

When I grew up, I knew: Oh, yes, yes, all that is. All the beings I saw, all the sensations I had were true, were real. And: Yes, I am a dreamer to this day. Luckily! I am also a happy and grateful woman, multiple mother, mistress, gardener, healer, ritual woman and storyteller. A converter between the worlds.

photo: Mecklenburg, Krakow lake, Slawic Borgwall island

In the last hours of my grandmother, I was with her again and accompanied her peaceful dying. She put both hands on my head and died with a wise smile on her face. She was 99 years old. I have experienced these moving moments as a great gift. Her power of love accompanies me every day

Many of my dreams have become reality in the course of my life, because I have known since my childhood that I can dream and live my own reality. I have not lost the knowledge of the dreaming to this day. I have kept the memory deep in my cells, from elder to elder. From grandmother to granddaughter ... I remembered it. And into this days I have experienced and created many things which seemed impossible to others.

I can neither experience, replace nor fulfill your dreams. I can not bring out your memory either. But I can show you the narrow path in the soul that helps to remind you to dream your own life. I can also show you how you connect with your own spirit and the spirit of your country, the earth on which you go every day.

I can not replace you the lost of joy, but I can laugh with you, cry with you, and help you to unite with the holy ancestors of your own line, to reconcile you with their power, which they already knew many years ago - For the benefit of all.

It is quite simple, as in the old stories: in the end, there are in every life the two forces within us: fear or love. Fear generates aggression, anger, envy, hatred, greed, insecurity and so on and so on ...

Love is our strongest force. It transforms all our feelings as if by magic. Love radically changes your angle of view. If we are connected with love in us, we are also connected with our spirit. Our Spirit IS Love.

My mission is not to enlighten your spirit in one way or another. I'm not a shaman or therapist either. My task is simply to restore together with you the connection to your self, your own dreams and spirit.

For: Nature heals

We were never separated from her,

and YOU are nature.

So be it.